About us

Our Ambition

Lev Uden Vold (Live Without Violence) is Denmark’s national unit against domestic violence.

Our ambition is to secure more and better assistance for people who experience intimate partner violence and to ensure that everyone who needs knowledge and counselling to break the cycle of violence gets the help they need. This applies to both children and adults; victims and perpetrators of violence; relatives and professionals.

Our work

We serve as a strong and trustworthy knowledge centre that collects, produces, develops, and disseminates knowledge about violence. We incorporate knowledge from practice, from other organizations and from our own counseling.

Our counseling focusses on prevention, tracing, and bridge-building. When we receive a call on our national hotline it is often the first time the person speak about violence. Our most important task is to seize that motivation and contribute to clarification, realization, and courage to reach out to specialized treatment or women's shelters etc.

We aim to ensure cooperation across the field of domestic violence. Therefore, we collaborate through networks, partnerships and alliances with organizations, municipalities, regions, ministries, agencies, foundations, and others.

Lev Uden Vold stands on fire core values

Visibility: We are visible. Our services are easily accessible for those who lives with violence. We are a visible cooperator who communicates and shares knowledge. We contribute where we can create value – also in the public debate.

Relevance: We exist for the field of domestic violence. We facilitate networks and support knowledge sharing and we prioritize doing surveys and knowledge mapping that are in demand and make a difference for violence-related organizations, professionals, and decision-makers.

Trustworthiness: We are knowledge-based. Our counselling, communication, dissemination to professionals and recommendations to decision-makers are based on a strong professionalism that is firmly rooted in knowledge.

Quality: We are specialized. Our advisory services are provided by paid employees with a relevant educational background. Our knowledge production is professionally and methodically well-founded. Quality is ensured through peer-review or professional follow-up groups.

How Lev Uden Vold came into being

Lev Uden Vold was established as part of the rate pool agreement 2017-2020, which was to strengthen the work against domestic violence. The Danish Government tendered the task, and five organizations, all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of domestic violence, came together and founded Lev Uden Vold. The five organizations are Landsorganisationen af Kvindekrisecentre (LOKK), Dannerhuset, Dialog mod Vold, Mandecentret and Mødrehjælpen.

We are established as an independent institution with an independent board. The five founding organizations constitute the board together with an employee-elected representative.

A broad political majority of the parties in the Danish Parliament have prioritized a continuation of Lev Uden Vold until the summer of 2025.

About the organization and the board

You can always contact us if you have any questions, inquiries etc. for our work.

See employees in the organization here.

See the board of Lev Uden Vold here.

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