About us

Our vision

Lev Uden Vold (Live without Violence) is Denmark’s national organisation that works to secure more and better assistance for people who experience intimate partner violence. We aim to do this by providing specific services to victims and perpetrators of violence and more knowledge in the area, by raising awareness of the issue and by prompting more debate in society.

Our aim is to reduce the number of victims of violence in the future.

Our mission

Lev Uden Vold wants to be an active voice in the fight against intimate partner violence. Therefore, we want to do the following:

  • Increase cooperation across the field of domestic violence
  • Raise awareness and facilitate expertise and knowledge in the field.
  • Provide recommendations for improvements based on knowledge and documentation.
  • Ensure better legislation and more outpatient services for victims and perpetrators of violence.
  • Ensure earlier and better help before the domestic violence gets out of hand.

Our values

We believe that everyone deserves a life without violence and that we regard everybody as equals.

We enter into respectful cooperation with anyone who is affected by violence. We believe everyone has the potential to break the cycle of violence, and we believe that through methods based on promising practices, we can assist people towards their preferred way of leading their lives – without violence.

We consider intimate partner violence (IPV) a complex phenomenon, and we believe that IPV is caused by an interplay of factors within society, the immediate environment, personal relationships and the individual.

We believe that each individual is an expert in his/her own life, and that this requires different interventions adapted to individual needs.

Who are we?

Lev Uden Vold (Live without Violence) represents the field of domestic violence broadly, as we represent victims and perpetrators of violence – men, women and children.

Lev Uden Vold serves as a knowledge centre which collects, produces and disseminates knowledge to professionals, politicians, decision-makers, victims and perpetrators of violence, their relatives and the Danish public in general.

Besides being a knowledge centre, we provide self-help and IPV counselling. We operate a national hotline which accepts calls from victims and perpetrators of violence, their relatives and professionals seeking assistance and advice.

In addition, Lev Uden Vold provides legal advice on issues such as divorce and custody, following in the wake of intimate partner violence.

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