Break the Cycle of Violence

Slip Volden (Break the Cycle of Violence)

Have you experienced losing control of yourself, flying into a rage and threatening and hitting your partner? Perhaps you have hit your parents or siblings during an argument?

Slip Volden is a telephone counselling service for you if you want to make an active effort to change your behaviour and break your cycle of violence.

Resorting to violence is often shameful, and many conceal it from the world around them. The purpose of our counselling is to break down this taboo.

We will listen to you with support and counselling and help you map out the problems on which the violence is based. You will also be given specific tools that you can use to break your cycle of violent behaviour.

Break your cycle of violence in the future

Our counsellors’ basic viewpoint is that you want help to change and improve your behaviour from now on. By talking about your concerns of being aggressive against those dearest to you and by providing guidance, we hope to help enable you to break your cycle of violence in the future.

You must know that it is possible to break your cycle of violence and live an easier, happier life on the other side.

“It’s always possible to let go of old habits and lead an easier, happier life on the other side if you have the courage to let go and throw yourself headlong into a new phase of your life. A step like this can be difficult to take, but is admirable when it succeeds. We hope that Slip Volden can help more people to lead lives without violence,” – Mette Thyghøj, After-Care Project Manager, and group therapist for Lev Uden Vold.

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How do we help?

To hear more about the possibilities of starting a process, please send an email to


With us, you gain more insight into and understanding of your personal history of violence, and we will discuss the danger signals you must be aware of. At the same time, you get specific tools for new ways of communicating and resolving conflicts and problems without getting aggressive or flying into a rage.

We will also make time to talk about shame and guilt that can arise when you violate the boundaries of those close to you. You will also receive counselling in how to protect children, if relevant, from adult conflicts.

We hope we can help you move in the right direction by talking about your concerns of resorting to violence and offering guidance. Our goal is to help you and those closest to you to lead lives without violence.

Counselling framework

  • The counselling targets adult men and women who have resorted to violence or are concerned about resorting to violence in the future.
  • As a minimum, we offer a single phone conversation, but we can have up to five conversations with you.
  • Between the conversations, you will receive materials and exercises by email to inspire you to break the cycle of violence.

Send an email to to hear more about your options for starting a counselling process.

Right now, our waiting time is two or three months.

When you call us, the first thing we do is clarify whether this offer is right for you. You will also be asked to answer a few questions about your situation before the process can begin.

More Help


You can call Lev Uden Vold’s hotline 24/7 on tel. 1888. The hotline provides help and counselling about intimate partner violence, no matter if you are a victim or a perpetrator of violence, or a relative or a professional. Read more about the hotline here.

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