Legal counselling

Lev Uden Vold offers legal counselling concerning domestic violence and family violence.

Our legal counselling is especially targeted professionals who calls on behalf of a person who have been subjected to violence and have specific legal questions concerning domestic violence.

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Contact our legal counselling on email or by phone +45 31 18 44 41

The legal counselling is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 3 pm. If you are not able to call at these times you can write an email and we will get back to you as fast as possible.


For questions concerning more simple legal matters we advise that you contact our national hotline. The hotline can be reached 24-7 on the number 1888.

If you are being subjected to violence

If you are being subjected to violence we advise that you call out hotline. Our counsellors kan help you with simple legal questions. They are ready to listen, provide counselling and help day and night, all week.

Our hotline is open 24-7 on the number 1888.


The legal counselling is confidential between you and Lev Uden Vold. The counsellor will not share any information about you or the conversation with others without your consent.

All calls will be registered in order for Lev Uden Vold to increase our knowledge about the target groups making use of the service and what legal areas there are most inquiries about. The registration is completely anonymous and it will therefore not be possible to identify the individual callers from the statistics.

The counsellors at Lev Uden Vold are under a duty of confidentiality subject to article 24 of the Istanbul Convention, but are also under a general duty of notification subject to section 154 of the Act on Social Services. The counsellors are therefore under an obligation to notify the municipality, if the counsellor learns that a child under the age of 18 is being assaulted or is living in an environment where the child’s health or development is at risk.

Your phone number is visible to the counsellor, unless you hide it. We will only call you back, if we agree to do so, or if you leave a message where you ask us to call you.

If you require complete anonymity, you can always hide your number by changing the settings on your phone or tapping #31# before the number when you dial.

You can find instructions on how to call from a hidden number under ”Sikkerhed, tavshedspligt og underretning” (Security, confidentiality and notification) (in Danish) on Mødrehjælpen’s website.

Contact us, whether you need a single conversation or several counselling sessions. The counselling can be conducted in English or with an interpreter, if this is required. A personal meeting can be arranged if necessary.

If, as a professional, you are in touch with victims of violence via your employment in a municipality, a crisis centre or similar, you can also contact us for counselling and guidance on legal issues in connection with domestic violence.

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