Legal counselling

Lev Uden Vold (Live Without Violence) offers legal counselling regarding violence in the family and in other close relationships.

If you are being subjected to violence or have been subjected to violence it can be hard to comprehend which legal rights and options you have. Legal counselling can be a good way of becoming more aware of your legal situation and legal issues.

Our legal counselling is for women and men who have been subjected to violence, their relatives and professionals.

You can, among many other issues, receive counselling concerning divorce, custody and housing.

juridisk rådgivning lev uden vold


Contact us and receive legal counselling on this number +45 31 18 44 41

The legal counselling is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 3 pm.



It is also possible to send an email to our legal counsellor: Afterwards you will be contacted either on email or by phone.

Our legal counselling is a national offer where you can receive counselling concerning the legal issues and concerns you may have as a victim of violence and counselling on your legal rights.

You can contact us whether you need a single conversation with our legal counsellor or if you need counselling several times. The counselling can be done in English or with the help of an interpreter. If necessary, a personal meeting can be arranged.

If you work in a Municipality, at a shelter or other places where you as a professional are in contact with victims of violence, you can always contact our legal counselling with questions regarding violence in the family or in other close relationships.

Read about our hotline.

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