Lev Uden Vold (Live Without Violence) are responsible for a national hotline that offers help and guidance concerning violence in the family or violence in other close relationships. Both the victims of violence, the perpetrators and relatives can contact the hotline. Professionals can also contact the hotline.

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Contact the national hotline on this number 1888

The hotline can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it’s possible to be anonymous.


The hotline offers guidance concerning different types of violence – as for example physical violence and psychological violence. If you are having doubts whether you or someone you know are being subjected to any kind of violence you can always contact the national hotline.

The hotline offers counselling on all types of violence and supports women and men who have been subjected to violence, together with their relatives, so they become more informed on their situation, what to do and how to get the right help.

Both female and male perpetrators of violence can call the hotline and be referred to further help and treatment.

This is how you can use the national hotline for help:

  • The hotline offers counselling and guidance over the phone regarding violence in the family or in other close relationships.
  • The hotline offers guidance to both women and men, victims of violence and perpetrators.
  • The hotline can give information regarding which shelters have vacant rooms. The hotline can also give information on other places to get help or treatment.
  • The hotline offers guidance to relatives on how to help the victim and/or the perpetrator.
  • The hotline offers guidance to professionals and helps them become better at recognising the signs of violence and refer to the right form of help.

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