After-care groups

Are you a victim of violence? Get help from our after-care groups

Lev Uden Vold (Life without Violence) offers subsequent care for you in the form of after-care groups if you are a victim of violence, no matter if you are a woman, man or child.

You can take part in an after-care group regardless of the type of violence you have been subjected to. The group will help get you back on your feet after a stay at a crisis shelter or outpatient treatment process.

Contact us by email:, if you wish to initiate a group therapy process.

Getting help to move on

At Lev Uden Vold, we know that getting back on your feet after being subjected to violence can be daunting. This is why when you contact us you meet counsellors who will listen to and help you process being assaulted. At the same time, we will help you stick to your development and provide even more support to move on in your life.

The purpose of after-care groups is to help you get an overview of your own situation and your options. In addition, you will meet others in a situation similar to yours. This gives you the opportunity to forge new positive relationships and develop a network of people who understand what it is like to be subjected to violence.

Here are some testimonials of people who have taken part in the groups:

after-care groups lev uden vold

Ongoing and upcoming groups

Right now, we have 12 after-care groups at different locations in Denmark, and one more is in the pipeline.

Groups in Greater Copenhagen
Two groups for female victims of violence.
One group for children who are victims of violence.

Groups in the rest of Zealand (outside Copenhagen)
Two groups for female victims of violence, one in Hillerød and one in Frederiksværk.
One group for female victims of violence is on its way in Køge. Groups in Jutland
Four groups for women subjected to violence, one in Aalborg, Herning, Vejle and Aarhus respectively
One group for children who are victims of violence in Aarhus.

Groups on Funen
One group for female victims of violence in Odense.

Groups on Bornholm
One group for female victims of violence in Rønne.

Other advisory services and knowledge in the field

You can get help and advice concerning intimate partner violence 24/7 by calling our national hotline. Read more about the national hotline here.

We also provide legal advice on issues such as divorce, housing conditions and immigration law. Read more about our legal advisory services here.

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