National hotline

Call 1888 – Anonymous counselling 24/7

Lev Uden Vold operates the national hotline for victims of rape, victims or perpetrators of violence in intimate relationships and their relatives, as well as professionals. Our counsellors are ready to listen and provide counselling and help 24/7.

The hotline provides assistance for all types of domestic violence and rape. If you suspect that you – or someone you know – is a victim or perpetrator of violence, then help and counselling is available from our counsellors.

During the COVID-19 crisis, you can also write to for help and counselling. 

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National hotline – call us on: 1888

This is a national, anonymous hotline which is open 24/7.

How can we help you?

Sometimes it may be difficult to reach out for help. Via our hotline, you can talk to counsellors who will listen to you, help you and let you remain completely anonymous.

Perhaps you are in a relationship where you feel insecure? Or perhaps you lose control sometimes and are afraid of hitting someone? No matter what, you are always welcome to call us, not only if you are a victim of violence, but also if you find yourself overstepping the line with someone close to you.

More specifically, we can:

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Practical information about the counselling

You can contact the hotline 24/7 and you can choose to remain anonymous.

You are free to end the conversation whenever you wish. Our counsellors will round off the conversation when they think it is coming to an end, and they will always tell you when they are hanging up.

If the conversation is suddenly cut off, this is only due to a technical error. As we do not have your number, we cannot call you back. Therefore, we urge you to call the hotline again. We cannot guarantee that you will reach the same counsellor.

If all counsellors on the hotline are unavailable due to other conversations, you will be put in a queue for a conversation. We will try to answer your call as soon as possible.

Calls to the hotline are usually a non-recurring event, and our counsellors will try to refer you to a programme tailored to your situation, which can help you move on in life.

The hotline can also contact the interpreting service of the Danish Refugee Council and book an interpreter if it is not possible to conduct the counselling in Danish or English. The interpreter from the interpreting service can be ordered on an emergency basis or for a later time. Via the interpreting service, our counsellors provide conservations in several different languages.

How will my identity remain anonymous?

If you call our hotline, your identity will be completely anonymous. This means that we cannot see your phone number when you call, and the phone number of the hotline will not appear on your phone bill.

Please note, however, that our number will appear in your phone’s call history. Therefore, you will have to delete the call yourself. You can do this as follows:

lev uden vold hotline anonymous

Confidentiality and notification

The hotline counsellors must observe confidentiality. However, the counsellors are also bound by a duty of notification if, during the conversation, it becomes clear that children under 18 are in danger. We can only notify the authorities, however, if you have provided information that enables us to identify you.

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